Up to now, REMEMBER is the following guys:

Jack Alien (jack_alien@remember64.de):
Jobs: Code, Crack, Supply, Graphics, Fix
Former member of: Rainbow, Express Artworx, Akrak, Cocoon, Legacy, Vagabonds, Brainbombs, X-Rated, Alpha Flight, Question Mark, Chromance, The Ruling Company, Atlantis, Avantgarde, Fantastic Four Cracking Group, Hitmen... and some more!
HOK (hok@remember64.de):
Jobs: Crack, Supply
Former member of: Jointware, Zoom, Action, Empire, Legend, Arcade, Red Sector Inc., Avantgarde
Intruder (intruder@remember64.de):
Jobs: Swap
Former member of: Atlantis, Trance, Alpha Flight, Excess, Avantgarde, Fantastic Four Cracking Group
Icon (icon@remember64.de):
Jobs: Admin, Coder (Win32, Linux), Supply
Former member of: XL-Crackers, The Silents, Triumph 2001, ThunderCats, Horizon, Power Station, Yankees, Sphinx, F.U.N.
DanDee (dandee@remember64.de):
Jobs: Supply, Graphics
Former member of: Nostalgia







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