WAPit v1.0 .txt to WAP Converter create Wap-pages from your texts!
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  WAPit! allows you to create .wml pages from any text without much ado.
All you need to do is to enter or paste your text into a textarea, define the title of the page, the names of the links to the next page and back to the first and the char that indicates the beginning of a new card. Invalid chars such as ä will be replaced with their valid equivalents. So if you want the text:

Hello world

I am online

even on your mobile

in different display cards on your mobile, you define for example # as the splitchar and enter Hello world#I am online#even on your mobile into the text area.
After clicking on the WAPit! button, you can copy your wml page and save it to your harddisk for later uploading. Now choose your version:

WapIt! (Perl)       WapIt! (Javascript)       Offline Version:       wapit.zip (Javascript)

WAPit written by Chris Heilmann ( mail@ichwill.net ) Homepage: http://www.bitte8bit.de/wap/