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This site deals with an extension for Allaire's homesite. With this new toolbar you can create WML pages faster and easier than by typing them tag by tag.
WML is the language for creating content for mobiles and handhelds, using the WAP Protocol to reach the client.
The toolbar is written in Allaire's GUI description language VTML and can be easily customized to work with your copy.

Release History:

  • 04.04.2000 Version 1.0
  • 05.04.2000 Version 1.1 Addition of 4 more buttons and functions, translation from German to English

This extension of Homesite provides you with 12 new buttons and wizards helping you to make the creation of WAP Pages a lot easier. To use it you need Homesite 4.0 or higher. The new functions are as follows:

provides you with a wizard for creating the main WML Frame, you can enter an author name.

inserts a new <card>, you can enter title, ID and text alignment

inserts an <input> field, you can choose its type, name, title and value

adds a <select> statement, you can enter multiple, ivalue, name and value

inserts an image you can filebrowse for the picture, enter its alt-description and alignment

adds a <do> statement and allows you to enter it's type

adds a <on event> statement and allows you to enter it's type

inserts a <go> statement where you can filebrowse the href

inserts a <go> cgi call, you can filebrowse the href and set the method. As name and value a dummy will be included.

adds an <anchor>, you can define the text and its action

inserts another <p>, and allows you to choose the alignment

inserts an xml <BR />

The Wap toolbar and it's VTML components are free for personal use. Distribution is prohibited unless the whole package is delivered with references to the originating source (URL).

Professional use and distribution is prohibited unless an agreement between the company and the creator, Chris Heilmann, had taken place. Companies shall contact the author for pricing and details.
 Setup Info  
Customizing the WAP Toolbar for your copy of Homesite is fairly easy.
After depacking the distribution zip follow these steps:

  1. Close Homesite
  2. Copy the .bmp and .vtm files to the \Extensions\TagDefs\VTML\ directory of your Allaire Homesite Installation.
  3. Copy the .tbr file to the \UserData\Toolbars\ directory of your Allaire Homesite Installation.
  4. Open the WAP.tbr File in any Texteditor
  5. Replace the occurances of C:\Programme\Allaire\HomeSite4\Extensions\Tagdefs\VTML\ with the according location of your Homesite VTML subdirectory (I recommend to use search+replace).
  6. Restart Homesite.
  7. Right-click on any toolbar and check the wap list entry.
Choose a server to download the zip containing the toolbar:

Filesize: 15 KB
Contents: .tbr,.bmp,.vtm files + short instruction text

Server 1 http (Linux,Apache, location Wuerzburg/Germany) Download
Server 2 http (Linux,Apache, location Cologne/Germany) Download
For suggestions, professional purchase or general info refer to:

Chris Heilmann
Mobile: ++49 0172 6693549

Also feel free to check out the online/offline text to wml converter WAPit!


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