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Po83 - The Logo collection by Cupid/Padua/Hitmen.


HTML, Javascript, Perl, Graphics, Hosting: Cupid/Padua/Hitmen

C64 Palette: Deekay/Crest Download: CCS VICE

Tools: Amica Paint V1.8, Screendesigner/Faces, Star Commander, CCS2.0, VICE, Adobe Photoshop, Gimp, IrfanView, Allaire Homesite 4.5, :).


Po83 was originally meant to be a C64 release of course, much like ICARUS, but as Erol, who already started coding it, is too busy these days and I do not want to delay it any longer, I quickly assembled this page to show the logos to the public. Some of them haven't been released so far, but will. I also hope that Po83 will be released some day, but, hey you all know how active sceners are these days...

/*Respect + Greets*/

People, I admire for their graphical skill and love to chat to:

Electric, Cyclone, Mermaid, Deekay, Sander, Ogami, Joe, Vic, Poison, Orc, Hein, Junkie, Duce, Felidae, PVT, FCT, Roder, Astaroth, Skyle, Jailbird, WEC, WHW.

Hot betazoid chicks go out to (who wants to shag a Borg anyway):

All groupmates, AMJ, Sta, Djinn, Crossbow, Doomed, Raver, lTrimm, Jazzcat, Naphalm, Mutter Beimer, Fungus, Hollowman, Mindflow, Taper, Jer-Propaganda, Spinball, Ninja, Hbloxx, Tempest, Jack Alien, Intruder, Deff, HOK ... ( I fill up daily, too pissed now).

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