Who or what the heck is REMEMBER?

Once upon a time, back in March/April 1997, JACK ALIEN and HOK had the idea to build up another C64 cracking group which would only release old classical games as quality versions.

The inspiration to found a group like this resulted from the fact that both of them already made quality cracks before and sent them to each other. And so it came to the light... REMEMBER is a group which releases only (!!!) old and legendary games from the 80's and the early 90's when there were no good (level-) packers or crunchers like today to shorten them, so that game collectors find more place on their disks.

They also install highscoresavers to games which never had one, install as many trainers as possible to make games easier to play and, if there are any bugs, debug them as good as possible. They repair what the coders overlooked years ago.

Remember spreads its releases again if they overlooked or made bugs themselves, or they got the documents which were missing in the first version. Some crackers or cracking groups from the past released only the game... Remember releases the games complete with documents, titlepictures, intros or whatever belongs to them. And finally... They crack only from the real originals!


Now you know that this group was born in March/April 1997...
But who joined or left when ???
Here's the answer: At the end of 1997, INTRUDER joined followed by DERBYSHIRE RAM. Then, in the early 1998, FATMAN and DODGER joined but DODGER left some months later again. In the middle of 1998, THORN joined and so did MANIK.
Very late in that year, L'TRIMM joined. In the beginning of 1999, THORN left the scene and MANIK did the same weeks later. At the same time FUNGUS came aboard and in the middle of 1999 WALKER joined. Then came the year 2000, and ROUGH joined... Who's next ??? ;-)

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